Whats in your water

I didn’t realize until recently reading an article that had run in the New York Times about how many things are in our drinking water. The chemicals we use to make our yards greener and weed free are often in the water you or your family consume.How much is to much?

Quoting the article that ran on Aug 22:
Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency say Americans are not exposed to unsafe levels of atrazine. They say that current regulations are adequate to protect human health, and that the doses of atrazine coming through people’s taps are safe — even when concentrations jump.

But some scientists and health advocates disagree. They argue that the recent studies offer enough concerns that the government should begin re-examining its regulations. They also say that local water systems — which have primary responsibility for the safety of drinking water — should be forced to monitor atrazine more frequently, in order to detect short-term increases and warn people when they occur. 

Do you drink your water straight from the tap, bottled, or filtered? We used to use a pur pitcher until Ian was born and then we couldn’t keep it filled and went back to drinking tap water, but after reading this article I am reconsidering that idea.

When I came across this distubing information on she blogs it was accompnied with the information about Zuvo water purators and how they process the water in a five step system. The system is pricey but it might be worht the money if i wasn’t constatly having to fill a pitcher or having somethign attached to my faucet that makes washing dishes impossible.

This post was written so that I could get my husband a zuvo water canteen.

3 Replies to “Whats in your water”

  1. I just use a Brita water jug that I keep in the fridge – have used that for years. I grew up in the country and tap water was what we always drank. Now that I'm a city girl, I really only use the Brita because I don't like the taste of it straight out of the tap…


  2. We use a brita tank. I carry a reusable water bottle and I fill it up from there. We used to have a water filter that attached to the tap. It wasn't too expensive and it was super convenient. Maybe look into one of those? When it broke we bought the brita because we wanted chilled water, but the only thing was pretty awesome.


  3. I drink filtered water from my Britta pitcher unless I'm at a restaurant. I also carry my Sigg bottle with me everywhere and its filled from my Britta.


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