You Capture

This weeks you capture theme is old signs. I can’t remember which bar on Northgate this sign hangs in but If I had to guess I would say it hangs in the chicken. I spent enough time in those bars I should be able to tell but it has been a few years. Sorry Patrick I cropped you out. Next weeks theme is to photograph something you have never photographed before so wish me luck and see you next week.


15 Replies to “You Capture”

  1. Corrin: It is actually called the Dixie chicken and is in a strip of bars across the street from Texas A&M called Northgate.


  2. i like your old sign. it's really neat looking. too bad you had to crop your friend out :O). see you next week – thanks for old sign pictures are posted now also. feel free to come on over and visit anytime :O).


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