Bissell LIttle Green

Bissell is having a giveway through, and I could desperatley use it. With FootFoot and Ian running around on the carpet all day new stains appear in the blink of an eye. So wish me luck, cause otherwise my carpets will stay dirty cause I can’t convinece Casey how badly we need one.

8 Replies to “Bissell LIttle Green”

  1. Holy Cow you have to get one! We have had one for 3 years. With a 6yrold 4yrold and now 2 dogs this thing is the bomb….even if the stain has been there for a year, trust me. Total return on investment! It works it works it works. Good purchase…best part you can tweet with bissell about your messes!


  2. I finally gave in and bought one of these but it's more the vacuum version. Worth its weight in gold I tell ya.


  3. Ooh, I had never heard of these! I hope you win, I know how badly carpets get stained with babies and toddlers!


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