I am still here.

I am still here, I am trying to get a normal. Trying to figure the new normal. I am working on a post about resources available when needed along with some other things. Life has handed us some lemons, I am going to make the most of it. My getting help put a strain on our already tight budget. So I would like to remind those who are interested that I sell:

Thirty-One is bags, acessories, etc. Most everythign can pe personilized if that’s your bag.


Also I sell Beach Body and Shakeology (ie: P90x, Insanity, etc):


Please feel free to take a look and order anything you like. Don’t be afraid to ask me a question, or host a Thirty-One party.

I am also starting to sell ads on here, please contact me for more information.

I am hoping in the next couple of days to get the resources post up and to try to get back to normal posting.


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