Keep your Nutella

Wow the bottle was really empty today.  Luckily I have a back up.

I will rock my peppermint patty coffee creamer. It is yummy in my tummy.

Next up on things that make me happy list is my master bedroom finally coming together


Always on the list of things that make me happy my lovely yet infuriating boys



And lastly my birthday present from my Daddy and Janiece arrived today. I am in love.



Everything linked above I bought with my husband’s hard earned money. I link because I love the products these companies and the products that they make.

Also I am linking up with:


2 Replies to “Keep your Nutella”

  1. OH MY GOSH… I LOVE my nutella, but when i saw that York creamer i almost fell out of my chair, literally. I’m an addict when it comes to Yorks…oh gosh, this is going to be really, really bad.


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