What I Wore for a Week

As you can see from the first three days of the week that comfort is key. I wore tshirts and comfy pants. The day with leggings I worked on blog stuff and hung out with the boys since Casey had d&d. The next day was Monday who likes Monday? No one that I know of. I got up and cleaned my house, and filmed for my you tube channel. Same thing for Tuesday.

The two times this week that I had to leave my house was Thursday lunch with Casey and that night D&D; which I wore my overalls and a loud shirt. I dress to entertain myself. Then Saturday morning we had to go to the store. Where I just wore some jeans shorts and my RBG shirt. No I didn’t do any make up this week, my hair was up all week. It was just a comfy week.

This is what I wore the rest of the week on the other days when I was home. As you can see comfort is key. I also spilled coffee on my self trying to take the coffee drinking picture. I am no instagram model.

There were a couple times this week I wore a sweatshirt. I am a collector of sweatshirts, I love them. Yes I know it is August and I live in Texas. I like to keep my home on the cool side and layer up then be hot. What do typical wear during the week?

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