Turns out I was a cat person all along

The whole time we had FootFoot I had one friend who insists that I was a cat person with a dog (who was more cat like then dog). I was like no, no, no; I have always had dogs. I will always have dogs. And then 2 years ago we lost our beloved FootFoot and I tried to replace her too quickly with a dog that didn’t work out (long story). Then on our local mom’s page someone posted a picture of a 9 month old kitten that needed to be an only cat. Well I was why not try a cat? It was remarkable how fast I “became” a cat person. And recently thinking about it, FootFoot had a lot of cat mannerisms. While I type this no less then 3 times has he come in to “yell” at me about something. He is so full of personality; he fits in here perfectly. So I think my friend may have been right and I was a cat person all along who just had dogs and didn’t know differently. So this post is to say,” Kari, you were right.”

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