Hits and Misses: Week of 10/9

Let’s start with the big miss of the week. Halloween Ends, I will go more in depth about this on this weeks episode of Awkward Club. It is just bad, in my humble opinion. Open for discussion.

Hits there are a few and mostly media based.

We finished “What We Do In The Shadows”, we watched all 4 seasons in like week 10 days. We would watch 3 episodes a night. It is a 22 minute show which is a breathe of fresh hair with all the hour long shows currently. If you liked the movie or like dark comedy this is a must watch.

“Don’t Worry Darling” if you like “The Stepford Wives” either the book or the 2004 remake. I am ashamed to say I haven’t seen the original. You will more then like enjoy this movie. I personally enjoyed the setting a ton, I am a sucker for mid century modern.

We finally started “Letterkenny” and with in 30 seconds I was hooked. We watch most things with subtitles but subtitles were a must. If you don’t like cursing or potty humor, skip this. We max out at two episodes, can’t do three at a time.

I am here to entertain myself with my style. One of the easiest ways to add some 🤌 to most outfits is a fun pair of tights. My preferred brand is Snag Tights, they ship out of the UK. So I typically wait and do one maybe two big orders a year. They hold up well, still wearing tights from two years ago.

One last thing I have been stuck on this playlist on Spotify this week. It is made by me and has a bit of everything I like on it. So be warned.

Catch me on Wednesday for the Relaunch of Awkward Club everywhere you listen to podcasts or YouTube.

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