Master Bra’tac

As most of you know by now, River didn’t work out for us and it broke our hearts. I do know she was adopted again(that’s all I know). Well we weren’t looking to get another animal for a long time again after our failed adoption. And then a someone on our local mom’s page posted about a kitten who was 9 months old at the time. C was actually gone to an Aggie football and out of pocket, when I saw him. There was something about his picture I was drawn to him (and I had always had dogs growing up). So we went to meet him, he was sweet and loving. His name was Alex back then but that would never do. I brought him home and he spent the first two days hiding (but after talking to a few people that’s normal for cats). Now he follows C and I everywhere, he meets C at the door every evening meowing. His favorite place at the moment is under the Christmas tree. Who knew it I was a crazy cat lady who just had dogs all this time.

The picture that drew me in.

Just the other night.

Yawning caught at the right moment.

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