Five Below Favorites

If you have a Five Below in your area, and haven’t visited it is an awesome store where everything is FIVE Dollars or Below. We got one about ten minutes from us about a year a ago and I love going and seeing what they have. In the time we have had one near us, I have found a few favorites to grab from there.

Candy is one of my favorite things to grab. It is typically cheaper then a gas station and there is way more choices.

I love buying organization stuff from there. The tray organizers fit perfectly on the target rectangle metal rolling carts. They have fun storage cubes like my cat one pictured above. There is always an array of baskets in different styles and prices.

Salt Lamps are so easy to grab there. My favorite are the plugin style. They are on the smaller end of salt lamps but for the price they are great.

Also if you love Graphic Tees and don’t want to break the bank. Five Below is the place. They are $5 and so many designs to choose from.

If you have a Five Below near you and you haven’t checked yours out. You should, you are missing out.

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