My not so secret, Secret.

I am one of those Planner Girls, that are all over social media. Though I have had a planner since the fall of 1997. I was hooked even back then. I have fallen off the planning train a few times, I have been firmly back on the train since around 2013. Then I found out about Pretty Planning in 2015 there has been no going back. In 2016 I found about Planning Facebook Groups and it has been a wild ride since then. I have tried all most sizes of ring bound and just a couple of travelers notebooks. I like A5 ringed planners, I can’t do any other size in ringed planners. I tried to love TN’s for planning, I have a lot of B6 covers (my personal favorite size). I just prefer them for notebooks and not planning. Since 2016 I have used an Erin Condren Life Planner as my everyday planner. I just love the size and the coil, the problem with ring bound planners for me is that I can customize it to death. And then the actual planning gets lost, don’t get me wrong. I decorate my erin condren but I can’t keep adding and adding. I know there are coil clips, I have some but I mean it isn’t like a ring bound planner. Which is like here is a blank canvas go to town and then sometimes I forget that it is supposed to be a planner. I guess this long winded post is to say, I have decided to stop cluttering up my main Instagram feed with all my planner stuff (lets be honest if I posted about it as much as I wanted to it would be a lot) to say I started an planner Instagram. I am not alone this planner Instagram is a thing. If you would like to follow my planner madness, I am AwkwardPlans.

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