Smell Good for Less

Since I can remember I have loved perfume, lotions, and all the smell good mumbo jumbo. I had Baby Soft in elementary school. I consume a lot of beauty influencer content, I watch more youtube than any other media. I was watching Kelly Gooch on Youtube and she was talking about a dupe for a bougie bogie scent. Well when I googled it, it was $22 at Target (the day I ordered had a circle offer for 15% off), so I placed a drive up order. Two hours later I was the proud owner of Pacifica Neon Moon and down a rabbit hole. I will admit I blind buy most of my fragrances, I read scent stories and reviews. Places like Ulta and Sephora have generous return policies. I loved Pacifica Neon Moon so much that I wanted to know if there was a lotion, there is but it is an ulta exclusive. I stopped buying lotion other than my tried and true Hempz lotion during 2020, so the fact that I wanted a layering lotion of this says a lot about this fragrance. When I got to Ulta, Pacifica was buy one get one 40% off. So I started sniffing the other moon mood series scents, while I personally would not wear all of them. I bought Sunrise Moon, while Flower Moon was a strong contender. Before this my only experience with their fragrance was a roll called Indian Coconut Nectar and that was a horrible fail that I returned. I assume it was the vetiver note that turned my nose. I also left that day with the Pacifica Hardcore Happy (Vanilla and Coconut). The perfumes retail full price for $22 and seems to be with some googling can be found on sale somewhere always. My only real complaint about the all of the Pacifica scents is that they don’t come with lids to protect the sprayer. I imagine that cuts down on cost but I would pay a few dollars more to have a lid. It may not be a make or break for you personally. If you love fragrance and are looking for some that don’t break the bank and easily purchased. I would look at the Pacifica fragrances.

Yo Baby

How sad is it that my seven month old knows what the camera is doing, for a good chunk of the video he keeps looking at it. The camera was sitting on the widow seal with no one behind it. Please ignore me at the end, that was supposed to be a joke for my mom but I can’t figure out how to edit it out. So please enjoy.

Ms. Single Mama Uncensored

 I was lucky enough to win a copy of  Ms. Single Mama Uncensored.  I enjoyed it from the first page to the last. I have to say though I have had to read it twice to truly get the feelings that she writes about, that is because I have been going through a funk and just wasn’t really into it the first time. The second time though I couldn’t be pried away from my computer.

Alaina leaves no stone unturned in revealing the transformation she has undergone to get where she is now. She doesn’t sugar coat the hard times or the good times. I wish that her book would have been around a lot earlier in my life it would have helped me avoid some nasty siuations that I have been it. If I had the money I would give it to all my single friends.

You can purchase a copy from Ms. Single Mama, for the very resonable price of $14.95.

*This was not a paid review.

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