What I Have Been Watching

With all the streaming services there is no need now to have cable. When you can binge watch whole seasons of shows in a few days. We have the three main; Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. What have I been watching on all three?

On Hulu; we watched first Brooklyn Nine-Nine all Six seasons in little over a month. The show is so funny. I would watch 3/4 episodes a day. Casey and I would watch them as we were laying down to go to sleep. I am going to guess most of you know B99; is about a precinct in Brooklyn, New York and the group of mostly detectives that work there and the mishaps they get into. Next we watched Drunk History and we watched all the episodes on Hulu in like a month again before bed. The last eight episodes are not yet on Hulu. The sixth season just finished airing on Comedy Central. It is funny, while still hitting some of the issues we face today while drunk people tell you about famous stories in history.

On Amazon Prime; We watched Good Omens together again in like 3 days. It is so good. Moves at a great pace, with an amazing cast. One of my stand by shows that I can always watch is Stargate: Atlantis. The cast and balance of comedy and drama are a real treat for me.

On Netflix, it is just shows I choose to watch. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is one where I watched part one in like 2 maybe 3 days. The second part, I started on my mom trip to Illinois. I had to wait for the boys to go back to school so I could watch on the tv and not my phone are ipad. This show is not kid friendly. Next is Stranger Things, I had watched the first two seasons previously. Honestly I could watch season 2 and 3 over again. Again I watched Season 3 in one night, I was so bad. I started watching at like 9pm and watched on my ipad in bed after Casey went to sleep to finish wwatching the season that night. I finished watching at like 5:40am. It was so good.

That is what I have been watching on the 3 main streaming services over the summer. What have you been watching? I would love recommendations on new things to check out.

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