DIY Mug Rack

I have known that I wanted a coffee mug rack for over a year. I have large and growing collection of the Starbucks Been There mugs. I have wanted to display them. I have scoured the internet trying find one I liked, there were a few in the running on amazon but they were around $40 and didn’t hold half my collection.

So with no idea what I was doing and not having measured anything, I had Casey on board. So I need to get going. We went to a home improvement store and started shopping. First thing we went to find was hooks, I knew I wanted cup hooks. This is the one thing I would change if I could I would go with the 1 1/2 inch hooks instead of 1 1/4 (which work great for starbucks mugs, but don’t work for Rae Dunn). Since the last time I bought cup hooks they have added a lot of finishes. I chose Matte Brass after a length discussion between these or matte black. Then we had to pick paint, I had an idea of what I wanted. I had it narrowed down between two colors in less then 3 mins and Casey decided. It took more time to get our paint color made then pick it. For the planks we chose 1×4’s that were sold in 6ft length. We had the store cut them in half. And by pure luck it worked perfectly in the spot, not to brag I kinda have an eye for this. I don’t know how but I have been able to eye ball stuff since I was a teenager, it annoys Casey to know end. We already had all the paint stuff at home other then the paint from touching up our walls since moving in.

After a stop at the green dollar store to get a table cloth to paint on because it was over 100 degrees outside. I came home and started painting. The first coat went on no problem. When I went to paint the second coat Bra’tac got interested, Luckily he didn’t track paint everywhere and Casey caught him quickly. I got everything painted start to finish in about 3 hours.

About 4 hours after I finished the second coat Casey started putting the cup hooks in. With each board being 36 inches long we put 7 hooks in each board. Starting about an inch in on each end 5 inches apart. We then hung them on the wall 5 inches apart. The final product holds 28 mugs and really looks good. We love how it turned out.

Master Bedroom Pt. 2

So I told you last week about the first step in making our master bedroom an oasis and not just a catch all. It was just a small simple step but it gave me the drive I needed to start on the second part. I am the queen of starting and not finishing something, so I was amazed at my desire to get my room all put together.

This time it was a shelf with hooks to hang scarves from and to place all those nick nacks people give you. I was lucky enough my Mama had one in her storage unit that she said that I could have and paint.


So after some sanding, figuring out out the right brush, figuring out how to hang the posts. Wow the painting part was easy when I realized it didn’t have brackets to hang it with and I was going to have to go buy and then figure out how to put them on. Which I totally forgot to take a picture of my work there, to prove that I rocked the road block. I got those brackets installed and my awesome shelf up and all those nick nacks that had been down in my living room up on the shelf. If I do say so myself I love how it turned out.


What is a recent roadblock you have over came that you are proud of? Any recent road block.


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Bedroom Redo

Since coming home, I have made it a priority to make my home in all aspects home.  So after almost 5 years of marriage, I have finally got to turn that energy towards my master bedroom.

Poor thing has been the most neglected room, for the first three years of our marriage we slept on a hand me down queen mattress on a broken frame. The first step we made was buying a king bed with a an amazing bed frame. That is about as far as we ever got, oh wait and some $9 side tables from ikea.

I finally had enough of the post college, new marriage chic. I wanted to make it look like we cared. The first step was to make this happen on less then a shoe string budget. So far I am managing to pull this off. The biggest project redoing the dresser is whats left, so wish me luck on that one. I started simple, I started with a much needed place to store my necklaces. My towel holder in my bathroom wasn’t cutting it.


I used a free cycle find, a sample can of paint ($2.50 at lowes) and my own two hands. It took me about 2 coats, and 14 hours start to finish. To get the paint about right, it still isn’t perfect it was my first home improvement project.


Picking the color was one of the hardest parts, we knew the main colors were going to be Gray and White with Accents of Navy. So we needed one more accent color and after listening to the ladies of twitter we finally decided on shades of turquoise. The shades part will make sense in the next few bedroom redo posts.


So my question today is would you like a post on how I decorated nearly my whole house with out buying but a handful of things new?


In the coming weeks, an awesome giveaway, introducing a new sponsor, and more bedroom redo plus what ever else pops in my mind.
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