Non Food Ideas for Boo Baskets

It is that time a year again where some neighborhoods starting Booing each other with little treats on their neighbors porch and then the neighbor booed then boo’s two other people. And it goes on forever until Halloween is over. There is also boozing, for adults (that is not this post). I feel like there is so much candy and stuff consumed in the holiday months that having some ideas that aren’t food related would be awesome. I know that getting some stuff that would be useful for the up coming Halloween night or to entertain my boys would be Awesome.

I have rambled enough. You want to hear non bank breaking ideas for boo baskets.

Non Food Ideas for Boo Baskets

Glow Sticks (can be used for trick or treating, grab them at the green dollar store for just $1 and fill up the basket)

Play Doh (Note it is not latex free, so my SIL tells me)

A box of crayons (hit up the green dollar store yet again)

Color Book (Green Dollar Store)

A foam carve able pumpkin (green dollar store yet again)

A cute themed framed (bullseye’s playground has these for $3, aka Target Dollar Spot)

A cute sign (bullseye’s playground)

If you are wanting to keep your budget low, Green Dollar Store (Aka Dollar Tree) is the way to go. Still though Target has some cute stuff for under and around $5 a piece. Good Luck and get booing.

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