DIY Mug Rack

I have known that I wanted a coffee mug rack for over a year. I have large and growing collection of the Starbucks Been There mugs. I have wanted to display them. I have scoured the internet trying find one I liked, there were a few in the running on amazon but they were around $40 and didn’t hold half my collection.

So with no idea what I was doing and not having measured anything, I had Casey on board. So I need to get going. We went to a home improvement store and started shopping. First thing we went to find was hooks, I knew I wanted cup hooks. This is the one thing I would change if I could I would go with the 1 1/2 inch hooks instead of 1 1/4 (which work great for starbucks mugs, but don’t work for Rae Dunn). Since the last time I bought cup hooks they have added a lot of finishes. I chose Matte Brass after a length discussion between these or matte black. Then we had to pick paint, I had an idea of what I wanted. I had it narrowed down between two colors in less then 3 mins and Casey decided. It took more time to get our paint color made then pick it. For the planks we chose 1×4’s that were sold in 6ft length. We had the store cut them in half. And by pure luck it worked perfectly in the spot, not to brag I kinda have an eye for this. I don’t know how but I have been able to eye ball stuff since I was a teenager, it annoys Casey to know end. We already had all the paint stuff at home other then the paint from touching up our walls since moving in.

After a stop at the green dollar store to get a table cloth to paint on because it was over 100 degrees outside. I came home and started painting. The first coat went on no problem. When I went to paint the second coat Bra’tac got interested, Luckily he didn’t track paint everywhere and Casey caught him quickly. I got everything painted start to finish in about 3 hours.

About 4 hours after I finished the second coat Casey started putting the cup hooks in. With each board being 36 inches long we put 7 hooks in each board. Starting about an inch in on each end 5 inches apart. We then hung them on the wall 5 inches apart. The final product holds 28 mugs and really looks good. We love how it turned out.

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